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Welcome to Alhambra, a modern, four-star hotel, prestigious and boutique resort in Kłodzko Valley, located in Lądek Zdrój, the jewel in the crown of Polish health resorts.
Alhambra was created with the aim to provide a place of exquisite, yet noncommital atmosphere of peace for everyone desirous to actively spend time.
We guarantee conditions excellent for not only refreshment, active rest and recreation, but also rehabilitation and health-reinforcing treatment. 
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Your health

In the close neighbourhood of Alhambra, two physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres are located –Wojciech Zdrój and 23rd spa and rehabilitation army hospital. Both are in the possession of swimming pools (with thermal and mineral water) and an array of medical treatments. Hotel attendants at the reception will take care of booking your chosen pro-heath treatments in advantageous prices.

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23rd spa and rehabilitation army hospital is one of the best-equiped centre of this kind in the whole of Poland.

The hotspots of the valley

The Kłodzko Valley and Lądek Zdrój itself are perfectly fit to offer an active leisure in both summer and winter season. The closest ski lift lies in Lądek, as near as 500 metres away from Alhambra. The guests can also visit ski centres in Czarna Góra, Kamienica or Czech Dolni Morawa. All of these are located within 25 km of journey from the hotel.

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Kłodzko Valley on a bike

It’s a place of one’s dreams for experienced, as well as novice cyclists.

Perfect location
Hotel Alhambra
ul. Przechodnia 7
57-540 Lądek-Zdrój
T: +48 74 631 70 24
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