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Massada SPA face treatments

Ultramoisturizing treatment with an instant effect of facelift
Treatment visibly and deeply moisturizes the skin of the face, while also smoothening, fills wrinkles and overall aids regeneration. It reduces the signs of exhaustion, particularly near the eyes and lips. Skin becomes firm and elastic, and contours are lifted up. Face immediately and for long gains youth and radiant glow.
60 min 190 zł
Lotus flower NELHUM nutritional and smoothening treatment
Luxurious treatment, which recognizes and fulfils the needs of the skin. Lifts the face and recovers natural oval of it. It also levels the area above eyebrows, around cheekbones and the contour of the whole face.
60 min 190 zł
Rejuvenating treatments with pearls and botox effects
This treatment stimulates the renovation of the skin, while at the same time smoothening and leaving it consistent, elastic, exfoliated and brightened due to high content of antioxidants and liquid gold. It closes pores, unifies the colouration and improves its regeneration, leaving the skin free of irritations and photosensitisation. Furthermore, the treatment re-establishes the smoothness, preventing wrinkles creation and flabbing.
60 min 190 zł


Aromatic candle massage
SOFRI massage candles are on of a kind, known for replenishing the glow of your skin. The mix of a pleasant smell and precious fitooils , coconut oil and bee wax stimulates senses and is an excellent maintenance agent for the skin. The light of a candle, soft touch, droplets of warm oil and sensual scent lead to unwinding and relaxation. Your skin becomes silky soft and intensely hydrated, and improved circulation gives the skin a beautiful glow. It’s a remarkably pleasant way to relax.
60 min 140 zł
Chinese cupping
This massage softens and firms the skin up, also reducing cellulite. Cupping is a vacuous massage, regarded as the best present method of reducing cellulite. It improves the circulation, visibly diminishing the orange skin and stretch marks. Apart from listed properties, cupping is a perfect way of relaxing. It is recommended for stressed or exhausted people, leading a sedentary life and after a heavy manual effort.
60 min 110 zł
Hot semi-precious stones massage
In this massage are used hot semi-precious stones, mountain crystals and warm oil. Massage with stones is great relief for your body and soul. It have vitalizing properties, eliminates muscle tensions and pains, jest energizing in case of every kind of skin. That massage is primarily chance for pleasant experience and deep relaxation. Treatment is performed by layering stones on body and its massaging. Wonderfully relaxes and mellows. Stones, especially semi-precious, thanks to its regenerative properties, exerts an benign influence on whole organism. It combines power of hot stones with relaxing massage techniques. Beneficially influences on tired, stressed body and mind, helps regain life force. By use of different techniques of hot stones massage state of deep relaxation is achieved thanks to influx of positive energy and pleasant warm.
60 min 140 zł
Hot oils massage
Known from its positive influence on immunologic system based on principle – more stress (physical or psychic) organism experiences, more oil needs to be used for massage. In the effect massage reinforces slimming and shaping of body, streamlines metabolism and helps cleansing the body, endows elimination of all physical and psychical discomforts.
60 min 140 zł
Chocolate massage
This kind of massage stands out as one for mind and body. Thanks to use of natural blessings of chocolate which contains antioxidants, effectively slowing down skin aging processes. Chocolate is also rich source of vitamins A, E, F, H and mineral salts. Boosts skin tone, and improves its elasticity and also smoothers complexion. Extract from cocoa seeds and theobromine streamlines lymph flow and circulation which allows faster burning of fat deposits. Additional advantage of chocolate massage is beautiful sweet scent, and special grasps used in this massage which helps shaping of body. Effects of that massage is multilevel: mental balance, mellow smooth, soft, skin and long lasting chocolate aroma boosting mood.
60 min 130 zł
Herbal powders massage
In this massage are used herbal powders and pastes mixed with natural oil. Massage powders have diuretic, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties. Herbs and grains contains among the other things silicic acid (barley), vitamin C (Indian gooseberry „amla”), which enhances and improves tension of tissue. It’s used for slimming cures, liquidation of cellulite, skin conditions, hyperhidrosis and rheumatics. Effectively removes from organism harmful toxins and improves blood circulation. Reinforces muscular system, helps build profile and gives skin healthy colour.
60 min 150 zł

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