Medical resort

Health and regeneration

Lądek Zdrój is renowned for thermal, mineral waters, used in treatment since XIII century.

Tidings of wonderful effects Lądek treatment courses have attracted numerous remarkable figures since ages. Great poet, Johann Wolfgang Goethe found repose and strength in local thermal baths.  
After the toils of Napoleonian wars, pouncing on the moment of armistice, Frederick William III of Prussia enjoyed a month-long therapy on premises of Lądek resort. Among other exceptional individuals, who resided in here are Alexander of Russia and John Quincy Adams, president of the United States.  

Nowadays, the most precious of Lądek’s attractions, present nowhere else but here, are wondrous mineral springs of confirmed healing properties. The results are of such excellence, that even a few days of stay improve health considerably, for a long time.  

We invite you to a classy hotel in the heart of the health resort, and to benefit from the unique treatments available. 

Tariff of treatments in Lądek Zdrój health resort

Tariff of treaments in 23rd spa and rehabilitation army hospital


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