respect for nature

Alhambra draws its energy from the nature. It is located in the centre of a health resort, which means that respect for surrounding natural world is an obligation and responsibility.

Advanced heating and air-conditioning systems used in the hotel are powered by ecological power sources. Heat pumpes of total force of 120 kW, turn the energy of an underground stream (flowing next to the hotel ) into heat used to change temperature in the hotel. 

High-efficiency photovoltaic arrays, of power equal to 12,5 kW, turn sunlight energy to electricity. The lighting in the building is based on LED technology, which allows to reduce the usage of electric energy by 70%. 

The whole of the hotel’s energy usage is optimized by an intelligent energy management system. 

Combined annual energy savings allow thousands of tress to avoid clearance. What is more, limiting the emission of greenhouse gases is the contribution we make to the future of our planet.

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