Turnusy z dietą dr Ewy Dąbrowskiej

A time of change, a catalyst of positive turnabout!

Based on biblical fasting of Daniel, the curative diet created by Doctor of Medicine Ewa Dąbrowska, aims to commence self-healing processes in the organism. It results in a visible improvement in one’s mood, while long-term eliminating even severe ailments. The diet consists of hypocaloric products – thoroughly chosen fruits and vegetables.

Within few days, the organism shifts to internal (endonegous) nutrition, thus setting about the „great cleanse” – getting rid of detrimental deposits, ill cells and toxic waste. In 2016, Japanese Yoshinori Ohsumi received a medical Noble prize for describing this phenomenon. He explained the mechanism of autophagy, a process in which cells lacking a sustainable dose of energy begin to harvest it from their damaged and necrotic structures. This is the scientific backbone of dr Dąbrowska low-calorie medical fast. It is not limited in terms of quantity of meals, allowing for tasty and filling dishes with the use of herbs and organic spices.

Dr Ewa Dąbrowska vegetable-fruit diet in Alhambra is the unique opportunity of benefiting from both the fast and famous Lądek-Zdrój medical springs. The city of Lądek is world-renowed for its sulphurous-fluoric-radon and radon waters. They are flowing here in an unusual concentration, used to reinforce vitality and heal dermal, neurological, rheumatological and orthopaedic afflictions.


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